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 ONLINE ORDER                 
 To:              Invoice no.:
 致: 发票号: 
 Marks & Numbers        标记及号码Quantity and Descriptions                                                                           数量和产品描述Unit price                    单价Total                                    总计
 Terms of payment: T/T,20% deposit before production, 80% of total amount before delivery. 
 Time of shipment: 
 Port of Shipment:  
 Port of Destination:  
 Additional clauses附加条款:  
 1、If the seller can not deliver goods timely as stipulated in the contract or the seller unilaterally cancel the order, the seller shall promptly return the deposit to the buyer.如果卖方不能按合同及时交货或卖方单方面取消订单,卖方应及时退回买方订金;
 2、If the buyer unilaterally cancel the order unreasonably, the selller will retain the buyer’s deposit.如果买方无理要求单方面取消订单,卖方将保留买方订金;
 3、The seller will deliver goods to the buyer designated freight forwarding company in HK, the seller should give the buyer notice in writing or by e-mail 3 days before finish the goods and packing information.  卖方将货物送到买方HK指定货代公司,卖方需在完成货物前三天书面或邮件形式通知买方以及装箱资料;
 4、The seller shall provide the electronic file of the Packing list and Proforma invoice to the buyer  within 2 days after loading the goods. This document is produced by computer, stamped by the seller in triplicate.  卖方应在货物装柜后两天以内以电子档将装箱单和形式发票提交给买方,此文件为电脑制作卖方盖章,文件一式三份。
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